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Hi, I'm Asmaa Lahlou

As a certified Naturopathic Chef with a special interest in cultural flavors wisdom, my first motto is “Put some culture in your spoon and you will never crave junk food” but as a foodie my second motto is “Yes to natural whole foods {unrefined, minimally processed, unpasteurized, ideally organic or naturally grown, local and seasonal} but no compromise on taste!”

That’s why, you will only find in this space curated and tested recipes that have received thumbs-up from the whole family.

Even with natural and healthy foods, we have to listen to the wisdom of our individual bodies... “ONE SIZE FITS ALL” is an illusion, a fantasy, a delusion! What works for me won’t necessarily work for all of you! We are all UNIQUE, one of a kind, and staying true to ourselves is KEY!

That’s why we have to listen to our own body and make our spoon as authentic as possible to ourselves but there are a few guiding principles that I'm sharing in 

  • my free classes and masterclasses
  • my healthy cooking demos
  • my consultations
  • as well as through the blog and social media
for optimum health and wellness, so you can help your family and friends take control and get even healthier using food as medicine.

Naturopathic Chef

I work with restaurant owners and food business managers as a "naturopathic consultant chef"  to:

  • setup a healthy food menu 
  • design health promoting recipes 
  • train your team in healthy food preparation technics 
  • source ingredients from quality health conscious suppliers       

I've collaborated with these organisations:

  • SO Pure Café, Ayurvedic eatery in London, UK 
  • Farmacy Restaurant, plant-based restaurant in London, UK
  • Makani beach, surfers’ restaurant in Gouna, Egypt 
  • Institut Français, in their food art kids workshop in London, UK 
  • Breast Cancer Haven, offering cancer-fighting meals to women in London, UK
  • First Hand Experiences, natural whole-food summer camp for kids in London, UK.

Health Food Coach

I coach my clients one-on-one or as a family over several weeks to achieve their goals, i.e. learning to eat and prepare food to 

  • reduce inflammation (digestive system, respiratory system, skin, joints)
  • lose weight
  • balance their hormones
  • etc. 

I don't advocate for a specific diet but I rather coach you to eat better and increase the healthy part in your own way of eating that match your own lifestyle.


Authentik Spoon 

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authentikspoon testimonial london health food coach - 1
Dalila, career coach

Asmaa has been my health food coach, as I wanted to have a better understanding on how to have a balanced diet with my high blood pressure and I knew it was partly due to what I was eating. 

At the beginning Asmaa asked many questions to understand my life style and my eating habits. After that she prepared for me an individual food plan so I can reach my goals. Thanks to her advices and coaching, I have been able to implement a new and sustainable diet. She explained why she was advising some changes. I found this very important as not only it helped me drop down false ideas about fooding, but that also put me in charge of my own diet. I highly recommend Asmaa as I found that her health food coaching has been really efficient for me.

Testimonial Hormonal balancing workshop Cecilia Sagouis Pottery artist Cairo
CÉcilia, Pottery artist

The masterclass "Rebalance your hormones naturally" by Asmaa fulfilled my expectations. 

The program included both a rigorous explanation of the hormonal system and the causes of its imbalance, as well as a personalized assessment of our own hormonal situation. She recommended concrete tools to initiate the change in order to regain hormonal balance and well-being. 

Asmaa is a good listener and communicates her enthusiasm and energy to the group. Very good experience!

Testimonial Naturopathy Laura Pouliquen social media consultant Authentikspoon review Dubai
Laura Pouliquen, Consultant


I had the opportunity to attend Asmaa’s workshop “How to eat well for energy”.

 Even though, I’m not a newbie in nutrition & wellness, I learned a lot of new concepts in just an hour! 

 Asmaa explains quite technical notions in a simplified and guilt-free way, which makes her a good food educator. 

I recommend her and will attend the next workshops with pleasure!

authentikspoon testimonial health food masterclass - 1
Violette, Mom of two


In 2019, I followed several Health & Food masterclasses and cooking demos led by Asmaa focusing mainly on hormones, gut health and healthy food preparation. 

In collaboration with a doctor, Asmaa presented the benefits of a healthy (and not boring) diet. She didn’t only tell us what to eat to support the body heal but also explained why. This ultimately allowed us to be more autonomous in our food choices, as we acquired the right foundation and established new healthy routines. 

If you ask me what has changed in my everyday life? I would definitely say: minimizing my sugar intake, eating more fermented foods and knowing how to combine foods in a guilt-free manner. 

I miss the naturopathic specialties of Asmaa since she left Cairo!!

Testimonial Health food workshop Cathy Cordahi French Artist Dubai
Cathy C, FRENCH Artist 

I learned a lot during the workshop with Asmaa and I particularly appreciated the biological and scientific information (Science based nutrition facts) that explains the mechanisms in nutrition. 

I also learned that it is preferable to alternate the intensity of physical effort (Interval training) in order to boost the energy produced by our mitochondria, which I will now adopt in my daily walk.

Testimonial Naturopathy workshop Dubai by Sophie Ravoire Team coach
Sophie Ravoire,  Team coach

The naturopathy workshop run by Asmaa was a rich experience. She generously shared with us her knowledge, in a smooth structured manner, explaining the body mechanism and how food can naturally help produce and boost energy. 

I liked the pragmatism of her approach, with advices easy to implement progressively, I felt no guilt to use microwave oven, even if now I am convinced to try to use it less often.

authentikspoon testimonial london health food coaching - 1
Brigitte,  Retired

La Rochelle

Thanks to Authentik Spoon's workshops, I came to realise that I had the power to influence my health through food. 

I was able to rebalance my diet by embracing her recommendations (for hormonal balance, inflammation, weight management and others). 

Asmaa taught us how to preserve nutrients while reducing pesticides and other nasties. I also discovered other flavors and textures, especially gluten-free and fermented foods. 

Both her cooking workshops and her Health & Food masterclasses were a space for exchange and practical nutrition awareness where we learned in a playful way. She definitely meet my needs in class and in the kitchen.

Testimonial Health food Talk Corinne Vernizau Dubai
Corinne Vernizeau, Food & Beverage CONSULTANT - DUBAI

Asmaa is passionate about nutrition, and educating & supporting others. 

She's very methodical and professional in her approach. She gives great advice with comprehensive references to easily improve daily life . 

Her recommendations from different approaches & types of diet are explained clearly and she makes you feel comfortable to begin change. 

I highly recommend her.

Testimonial Health food coaching Isabelle Rodier Artistic Director Cairo
Isabelle RODIER, Artistic Director

I had a couple of consultations with Asmaa following a gall bladder removal surgery. She first did a holistic assessment, asking me about my diet, my lifestyle, my health history, my psychological state and then she coached me so as not to over-tire my organs following the intervention. 

I followed her recommendations which made me gradually return to a balanced diet, including healthy fats. 

I particularly appreciated the educational dimension of the health food coaching, Asmaa gave me a lot of knowledge and advice to be independent and enjoy a healthy diet without losing my sweet tooth

authentikspoon testimonial paris health food masterclass
ALexandra, Banker 

During my expat-time in Cairo, I had the opportunity to attended Authentikspoon cooking classes and her Health & Food masterclass about Food & Immune system. I learned so many things I still use now. 

 "We are responsible for what we put in our mouths!” , as obvious as this phrase may seem it was a key takeaway for me.  Asmaa made me aware of the quality of the foods we eat and the impacts they can have on our health! She taught me what food and lifestyle are supporting our immunity, which became essential in times of Covid. 

Since these sessions, I prioritize raw, unrefined and quality foods in my plate, I try to cook as many dishes as possible myself while trying to limit additives and other hidden chemicals in manufactured products! I mainly learned how to make sourdough, use seeds, replace regular refined vegetable oil with coconut oil/ghee/cold-pressed oils, make chicken broth and many more. I am convinced that our health depends on our diet!

Testimonial Health food Talk Ying-dubai
Ying, French Teacher


Thank you Asmaa for your nutrition talk to better balance our diet, in particular, the essential fatty acids intake and the different types of omega (pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory). I also learned about the reactions caused by free-radicals in our body and the importance of antioxidant foods. 

Your talk illustrated several concepts in a way that will anchor them and help us preserve our health on a daily basis!

authentikspoon testimonial student london health food coaching
Chloé, Student

The healthy eating workshops were a brilliant experience (I did 13 sessions over 3 months). 

Good moments and a lot of tips I still use when shopping or cooking: drink fresh orange along a handful of almonds (to balance my blood sugar), use coconut sugar instead of refined white sugar (lower glycemic index), try to sprout lentils first (more enzymes).  

Healthy cooking becomes a success you are proud of.